ABM-14 is a beveling machine designed to mill plates and pipes made of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloys.

Key features

In just one single run the machine can bevel up to 2.6 m/min. (8.5 ft/min.) to a width of 12 mm (1/2’’) in workpieces with tensile strength of Rm ≤ 392 MPa (57,000 psi). Maximum bevel width is 14 mm (9/16’’). Depending on materials two or more runs are needed. Bevel angles incl. 30° (standard) and with optional angle variation devices also 22.5o, 25o, 35o, 37.5o or 45o. The machine can bevel plates from the top and bottom. In the case of the milling tool getting stuck in the material and beveling cannot be continued the direction of rotation of the tool can be reversed to release the machine from the workpiece. There is no need to wear acoustic protection equipment because the noise produced by the machine does not exceed 70 dB.


  • fast and efficient
  • bevels both small and large pieces to cover most of the common applications for its type
  • auto feed on large plates with optional trolley
  • beveling of lower edge in inverted position
  • standard shearing cutter for machining stainless/alloyed steel
  • 2 optional shearing cutters dedicated to carbon steel and to aluminum
  • reversible spindle against stuck milling tool
  • versatile and transportable on its own trolley
  • low noise



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