PRO 2 PB is a compact, handy pipe beveller that mills pipes made of carbon and stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and copper-nickels. The machine can face and bevel pipes from inner diameters (ID) of 12.5 mm (0.49”) to outer diameters OD 60.3 mm (2.37”).


Key features

Small pipes from ID 12.5 mm (0.49”) up to OD 25 mm (0.98”) can be beveled with optional small mandrel set.

PRO 2 PB is able to mill also larger pipes from ID 42 mm (1.65”) up to OD 60.3 mm (2.37”) by means of an optional extension set. Its exceptionally narrow housing (only 48 mm wide) makes it perfectly suited to space restricted areas such as boiler water walls.

PRO-2 PB incorporates overload systems incl. wet multi-disk friction clutch to prevent gear damage if the tool gets stuck.

  • lightweight and compact design
  • enables easy access to space restricted areas
  • can be operated with a high quality powerful pneumatic motor or top quality high torque electric motor or practical battery drive
  • tool bits for stainless steel feature TiAlN coating
  • optional accessories increase the number of possible applications
  • dedicated to work with pipes within 12.5 mm ID up to 60.3 mm OD range
  • perfectly completes Promotech’s pipe bevellers family in the lowest diameter range




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