Ceto 2

Silicone coated, oil, grease, acid resitant

Ceto 2 is a Glass fabric with silicone rubber coating on both sides. The maximum application temperature is 550 °C, shortly up to 600°C. Ceto 2 has a silicone coating with silicone rubber, high resistance to extreme mechanical, thermal and electric influence.
• good light stability, UV resistance and resistance to oxidation
• mostly resistance to acids and lyes
• weatherproof
• good soil-repellent and oil-repellent properties
• good electrical insulation properties
Ceto 2 is free of asbestos.

● Fibreglass cloth (filament)
● 2-sided silicone rubber coating
● Temperature resistance 550°C
● Peak temperature approx. 600°C
● Oil, grease and acid resistant
● Material weight 590 gram/m².