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Mix Curtain Cepro Orange CE And Cepro Green 9 Web Welding curtains are designed for use in workplaces where bystanders must be protected against the hazardous radiation emitted during welding work.

They provide protection against dangerous Blue Light and Ultra Violet (UV) rays. In case of prolonged exposure these rays can cause actinic conjunctivitis and even cataracts. All Cepro welding curtains comply with ISO EN 25980, the European standard.


  • Approved in accordance with ISO EN 25980
  • Standard width 150 cm
  • Seamed at the top and the bottom
  • 7 suspension eyelets on the side measuring 150 cm
  • Snap-fasteners on both sides
  • Including 7 free steel suspension rings
  • Colour coverage from the bottom to the top: 40 cm CEPRO orange, 120 cm CEPRO green, remainder CEPRO orange-CE.