Glands and Termination Kits
Suitable glands and termination kits are an absolutely necessity when installing heating-cables. We offer a complete range for all of our products for all environments.


Aluminium or Stainless Steel Foils
To enable maximum heat transference we offer foils that may be used for two purposes in one: As an interim layer between heating cables and insulation to reflect the heat into the vessel, pump, or pipe and additionally to hold the heating cable in position.


Junction boxes and suitable consoles
Junction-boxes for connecting electrical heating equipment in hazardous or non-hazardous areas. Our Junction boxes are made from either: polyester, reinforced glass-fibre, or aluminium and are supplied with terminals, glands and/or metric outlets. They are resistant against solvents and acids, and they are flameproof. For installation of the boxes we can also offer mounting brackets.


Assembly Aid
When installing heating cables and tapes on vessels, pipes, valves and surfaces, it is necessary to maintain product spacing due to many reasons. Special metal bands provide perfect installation assistance to keep the correct distance. In addition we offer various adhesive tapes and heat
transfer cement.



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