Gas Bottle Heaters

Gas Bottle Heaters

Gas Bottle Heaters
Isopad gas bottle heaters have been designed specifically to solve the issues associated with gas usage in cold climates i.e. gas separation, gas liquefaction and reduced capacity. There are two versions available, a heavy duty metal version which is based on the same technology as our metal drum heater and is suitable for use in hazardous areas and a soft lag gas bottle heater.


Metal gas bottle heater – Physical design
Isopad gas bottle heaters have a unique “clam shell” design and castors, heaters can simply be wheeled up to and closed around the gas bottle, eliminating overhead lifting.


Heating in hazardous areas
Isopad gas bottle heaters carry IECEx and ATEX system approval. Hazardous area approved designs are equipped with a self-regulating heating system negating the need for a separate temperature limiting device.

Soft lag gas bottle heater
Isopad soft jacket gas bottle heaters are available in different gas cylinder sizes with a 240 V power supply. Fixed with a hook and loop Velcro fastening and insulated with glass silk cloth, these heaters feature a grounded heating element.



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