Heating Jackets

Heating Jackets

Heating Jackets (0 – 1000°C)

Isopad heating jackets provide a convenient solution blending the versatility of a heating panel with the convenience of integral insulation. A heating panel excels when it is required to heat a flat surface, where a jacket is the product of choice when a uniform heat source is required to a surface in more than 2 planes, for example pipes, filter housings, valves and tees. A distinct advantage is maintenance down-time; it is significantly quicker to remove a jacket with integral insulation than it is with other heating methods such as a heating tape with sensor, lagging and securing tape. Isopad heating jackets can be manufactured to almost any shape, temperature range and operational consideration.


Silicone jackets (200°C)
Isopad silicone jackets are fully waterproof and suitable for applications up to 200°C. At the core lies an Isopad silicone panel, insulated with silicone foam and fully encapsulated is silicone rubber.


Glass silk heating jacket (450°C)
A highly flexible, versatile jacket suitable for applications up to 450°C and produced by encapsulating a resistive heating element within a glass silk outer. Isopad offer this product with several fixing methods from hooks and eyes, to lace, to Velcro depending on the client’s specific needs.



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